How to use USSD Mobile Banking

How to use USSD *99# service to check Account Balance and Fund Transfer?


Dial *99# in your mobile to access the menu in default English language. To access the menu in other regional languages e.g. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali etc. See Language Support for USSD Mobile Banking.

You will see welcome message as “Welcome to *99#”

If you are using a feature phone, wait for 5-10 sec. and a menu will appear with following options:

  • Type 3 Letters of Bank Short Name OR
  • First 4 Letters of Bank IFSC OR
  • 2 Digit Bank Numeric Code of *99#​

Note: If you are using Smartphone, click on OK to access the menu.


To continue, answer/ send any one of the following:

3 letters of your Bank short name e.g. ‘sbi’ for State Bank of India, ‘ici’ for ICICI Bank, ‘hdf’ for HDFC Bank, ‘axb’ for Axis Bank and so on. See list of 3 letters of Bank short name OR

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On next screen, enter last 6 digits of your Debit Card number and Expiry Date in MMYY format (separated by a single space) and send. For example, if your Debit Card number is 1234 5678 5678 1234 and expiry date is 03/20 (March/2020), enter ‘781234 0320’ and send. This is a one-time process but sometimes when you want to generate MPIN to send money, you may have to enter this information again to re-validate your credentials.


After verification of your mobile number and bank details a sub-menu will be open with following options:

1-Account Balance
2-Mini Stmt
3-Send Money Using MMID
4-Send Money Using IFSC
6-Show MMID (used to receive money from someone)
7-Change MPIN (used to send money)

To check Account Balance, answer/ send ‘1’. Your balance will be shown on your mobile screen.

To see Mini Statement, answer/ send ‘2’. Your last 5 transactions (debit/ credit) will be shown on your mobile screen.

To see your MMID, answer/ send ‘6’. Your MMID will be shown on your mobile screen. Note down or remember your MMID for future use. If you want to receive money from someone, just tell him your MMID and registered Mobile number to receive money through USSD mobile banking facility.

To change your default MPIN send by your Bank, answer/ send ‘7’. On next screens, enter and confirm your new PIN (4 digits) to change your PIN.

To send Money Using MMID, answer/ send ‘3’.

  • On next screen, enter 10 digits mobile number of Beneficiary (the person to whom you want to send money) and send.
  • On next screen, enter 7 digits MMID code of Beneficiary and send.
  • On next screen, enter “Amount” and “Remarks” (separated by single space) and send. Note: Remarks is optional i.e. if you want to write some kind of note to remember your fund transfer you can mention it as remarks. For example, if you want to send Rs 100 to a seller for your mobile recharge just type “100 recharge” and send.
  • In final step, enter your MPIN and last 4 digits of your Bank account number (separated by single space) to authorize and complete the transaction. Money will be debited from your account instantly and credited to Beneficiary’s account on real time basis. For example, if your MPIN is ‘1234’ and last 4 digits of your Bank account number is ‘4768’, type “1234 4768” and send.

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