Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking

How to register for Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking service?

This article is updated after merger of erstwhile Allahabad Bank into Indian Bank

Mobile Banking service of erstwhile Allahabad Bank (eALB) has been discontinued followed by its merger into Indian Bank. So, in order to avail Mobile Banking services for your bank account now, you have to download “IndOASIS” mobile banking app of Indian Bank from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes store, as the eALB mobile banking app “emPower” is no longer in use now.

Requirements for mobile banking registration on IndOASIS App

  • Mobile number (registered with Bank Account)
  • CIF number (You may find your CIF number in your Bank Passbook. CIF number is required for mobile banking registration on IndOASIS app.)

Note: If you don’t have your passbook with you or you don’t know your CIF number, you can find it by registering yourself first for Indian Bank internet banking facility with help of your erstwhile Allahabad Bank Account Number.

If you know your CIF number, download “IndOASIS” App and follow the link below to register for IndOASIS mobile banking registration.

Indian Bank Mobile Banking registration process

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After initial authentication process, you can use your erstwhile Allahabad Bank ATM Card or existing Internet Banking details to complete the mobile banking registration process. All the data like beneficiaries and other related information that was stored earlier on eALB mobile banking applications will automatically be migrated to Indian Bank’s mobile banking application.

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