Defeat Corona with Net Banking

No need to say that corona affected many of our lives and will continue till an effective and safe vaccine wouldn’t found.

To combat with corona and continue the education process, many schools are providing online live classes and so the demand for payment of fees (monthly/ quarterly) is also rising. Use of Net Banking facility for school fees payments is emerging as a most convenient and safe way. Let’s have a short story to understand it better:

Before few days, one of my friends asked me if the school is providing Fee Deposit Slip. He was in need to pay his son’s education fees including previous month dues; he was not able to pay due to nation-wide lock down. So, what’s wrong in it? I will say nothing but with the condition that he did not have a smart phone and if he had, the School App is not installed on his phone.

So, in this case my friend was already using a Samsung smart phone and the Campus Care school app was also installed in his phone. The only problem was to not using Net Banking facility provided by his Allahabad Bank account.

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Now the question is “How was he paying his son’s school fees before corona crisis?”

  • Take Fee deposit slip as provided by school to his son or arrange it from school
  • Visit the Bank as mentioned in the slip
  • Wait for his turn in the long queue (not necessarily the fee payment queue but a single window queue). Waiting time may go longer if he reached in the bank near lunch-break.
  • Finally payment of fees done.

Here, one important point is missing which you can adjust anywhere from his visit to school – bank or waiting in queue?

  • Taking risk to get affected by corona virus

Earlier it was the time before corona crisis and now is the time we are living with corona pandemic.

Maximum banks have changed the timings, rules and operating procedures now. Many people don’t aware of these changes and are facing lot of problems during their visit to the bank.

In order to maintain the pace, many schools are providing Apps for their time table, online test and live classes needs and school fee payment facility is an important facility among them. So, the best option is to get register for Net Banking facility of your bank today. It will definitely have you a great peace of mind and risk-free payment of your ward’s school fees.

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